Climbing Collection: Chalk Bags & Buckets

  1. All Things Photography, Friendship Circles and Good Karma with Dani K. Monteiro

    We met Dani K. Monteiro aka @danikm at her studio in South London and hashed it out with the photographer for a few hours, covering her work, her love for her friends, her obsession with slapping on a headset and chugging a few Fortnite slurp juices, her process when it comes to working with clients and mucho more. Interview and words by Nova/Marianna Mukhametzyanova with imagery by Jaimus Tailor.
  2. Comfort, Quality, and Function Outdoors with @l.holl's Louis Hollinson

    We spoke to Louis Hollinson, founder of the @l.holl IG account, for our final 'Greater People' interviews of the year. An enigma in the outdoor-wear world, Louis gave us much-needed insight into the page's beginning, his favourite brands, the connection between wellness, nature and community and more. Interview and words by Nova/Marianna Mukhametzyanova with all imagery provided by Louis Hollinson.