“Nothing into Something” is the ethos upon which Greater Goods was created by its founder Jaimus Tailor in 2018 and which it continues to sustain and thrive on.

Based in London, forward thinking Greater Goods focuses strongly on creative, sustainable projects and collaborations ranging from outdoor fashions to functional practical accessories by upcycling reclaimed, damaged, unwanted products or by using environmentally sustainable materials.

Each piece is uniquely and meticulously hand crafted using multidisciplinary skills to create a product which must be in equal proportions: practical, useful, durable and beautiful. Great care is taken to ensure there is little to no wastage of materials and resources used in the creation with the aim to promote and encourage sustainability through aesthetic functionality. 

The transient, organic and evolving growth process of Greater Goods makes ease of way to fulfilling collaborations with brands who imbibe the core values of creativity, upcycling and sustainability to produce unique limited pieces which are highly desirable. 

Greater Goods is actively and continuously involved in inspiring, supporting and encouraging through community environmental projects, brand workshops, charity auctions and collaborating with creatives who share the passion to promote sustainability, creativity and inclusivity. 

For Greater Goods the focus on “Nothing into Something” flows seamlessly to “For the Greater Good”