Climbing Collection: Chalk Bags & Buckets

  1. Building NDWC0's Archive, Brand Image and Expert Knowledge with Abid Khan

    We spoke to Abid Khan, founder of the Ndwc0 archive clothing store, for our first 'Greater People' interviews of the year. We discussed both early beginnings and ambitions for the future, the process of sourcing pieces, favourite sporting extra-curriculars, the Instagram wormhole versus. happiness and much more. Interview and words by Nova/Marianna Mukhametzyanova with all imagery provided by Abid Khan. 
  2. All Things Photography, Friendship Circles and Good Karma with Dani K. Monteiro

    We met Dani K. Monteiro aka @danikm at her studio in South London and hashed it out with the photographer for a few hours, covering her work, her love for her friends, her obsession with slapping on a headset and chugging a few Fortnite slurp juices, her process when it comes to working with clients and mucho more. Interview and words by Nova/Marianna Mukhametzyanova with imagery by Jaimus Tailor.