Salomon x Greater Goods

by Jaimus Tailor

For 2023 April fools with joined forces with the outdoor specialists Salomon to produce a 1 of 1 hydration jacket aka THE S/LAB HYDRATION CREW JACKET.

Inspired by the crew members that support runners through their darkest hours in the most grueling conditions. The ones who don’t always get the credit they deserve, but who will always be there to support you through every kilometer of your run—from a 5K to a marathon to a 100-miler.

Made from multiple surplus Salomon products and fully lined with a Polartec fleece the jacket is riddled with pockets and hidden compartments, 3 x 2l reservoirs, 7 x 500ml soft flasks, 3 x soft cups, 10 x additional nutrition pockets  and 1 x first aid kit/survival blanket to be precise. 

The jacket was raffled in support of OUTO